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IEA engages in cross-pollinating interaction and collaboration with various partners on a regular basis. Architects, designers, engineering firms, sociologists, adventurers, artists, fascinating clients, historians, priests, scenographers, biologists, tourist services, contractors – IEA collaborates with all of these. For IEA, each project is unique.

Even though knowledge and experience from previous and other projects can be transferred, the uniqueness of each question and site eliminates any assumptions. Through a diverse reading and analysis of the problem and its processing across a wide range of inspirations, perspectives, and inputs, IEA always seeks a result with a distinctive, often unexpected added value.

It is the strength of the designer/architect to elevate a seemingly modest project ambition to something sublime through intensive processing. Guided by this conviction, in recent years, participation has taken place in candidacy applications for the establishment and transformation of public spaces and buildings. Concurrently, special private commissions and inquiries have also been undertaken.

Oscar Rommens en An Vanderveken

team: Diede Ramakers, Marieke Stappers, Filip Ruszkowski, Ahmad Ramezanzadeh, Quinten Smolders

Julia Canovas, Jonas Hille, Oana Dulvara, Elise Van Hoof, Esther Vandamme, Merkant Yildiz, Bart Biesmans, Suzanne Jadoul,Cornel Sipos, Marco Dimonte,Maren Deridder, Marot Slegers,Joris Van Reusel, Maria Ionescu, Margot Slegers, Toon Montballieu, Ana Horvat, Willem Bekers, Thomas Boerendonk, Pieter Rubens, Filippo Maria Doria, Benjamin Verhees, Negar Sanaan Bensi, Sepp Matyn, Jonas De Rauw, Pieter De Clercq, Charlotte Gijs, Renee Favere, Ivana Durdevic,….