Concept for water treatment plants, Flanders, 2010

IEA developed a concept for the implementation of six water treatment plants in several places in Flanders, in terms of layout and design, in terms of appearance and in terms of energy management. This brief was unique for its scale alone. The combination of different domains such as infrastructure, landscape, environment, architecture, interior design and branding makes it a complex and challenging task. The fact that the task involves multiple sites, each with its own context, configuration and history, makes the permanent interaction between "generic" and "specific" levels a necessity. The design team, the architects assisted by experts such as energy consultants, project managers, ecologists, opted for a multidisciplinary approach and a very broad and thorough investigation to approach the question. 6 goals were set out in creating the conceptual and design decisions: working with the elements present on the sites, create a unique image, strengthening of the identity and the image, making a place for people, making a sustainable building and landscape; providing a visual and tactile presence.