Observation room, Antwep, 2007-2010
IEA in collaboration with Edward Jambers and visual artist Philippe Van Damme.

Addition of an objet trouve 'on an existing 19th century mansion. In collaboration with artist, curator Philippe Van Damme IEA developed an urban observatory and wooden patio deck on the roof of a 19th century mansion. The stacking of these two apparently unrelated bodies (a 19th century house in the center of the city and a former "bridge" from a barge), each with their own history, language and meaning, creates a surprising situation and a new contexts giving rise to particular perceptions and experiences.
A semi - public route (route Nolli) from the entrance, through the showroom, via a beautiful historic staircase, to the observation chamber supports this poetic project and offers the visitor at the end of the promenade a unique view of the Antwerp skyline. The role of architect in this assignment was not so much in creating a new form or function, but rather in recognizing and researching the new functional, poetic and spatial qualities and potential of two different