Droogdokkenpark, Antwerpen, 2011
IEA in collaboration with environmental agency Juurlink + Geluk

The draft proposal of IEA + J & G for the tidal park in Antwerp North contains principles, analyzes, inspirations, strategies and drawings that form the impetus for the further development of a final landscape design. Our investigations are not yet a definitive design, but show our position and vision. This vision for the dry docks park focuses on the water. The presence of water around as well as inside the perimeter of the project offers great potential to make a unique park. Given its location on the banks of the Scheldt with its strong tides, the water in the park is employed not as a static, but as a dynamic element. The park becomes a controlled tidal park. To achieve this, our team formulated seven spatial concepts: strengthening of the Mineral and Green Zones, introduction of a water system, grass and trees, new infrastructure, palimpsest, cabin-cottages in the landscape, driftwood furniture. The design concept emerged from the intense cooperation of an international multidisciplinary team involving urban planners, landscape architects, architects, heritage experts, biologists and engineering experts.