Renovation and repurposing of a historic building.

IEA ism Oli Van den Baron en Johan Michielsens


Architect Jan De Vroey originally designed this characteristic townhouse with a shop and a typical wooden facade on the ground floor in 1902. The architect opted for an eclectic façade with, from bottom to top: the shop front, distinctive yellow bricks, and a wooden cornice. The building is located in the Zuidwijk, just a stone's throw away from Leopold de Waelplaats. Over time, it lost its charm. When the current owner purchased the property, it was neglected. In consultation with IEA, it was given a new future by being repurposed into a restaurant with 2 apartments above. The restoration brought the colorful, eclectic facade back to life. 

Fortunately, despite the neglect, many original elements were preserved, such as the finely profiled woodwork of the shop front and the cornice. These elements were preserved as much as possible and expertly restored where necessary. The recent plastic windows and doors on both the front and rear façades were replaced with a traditional historical design and painted in the original color. The beautiful wrought-iron canopy on the rear façade was also restored.

The terrace of the commercial establishment on the ground floor contributes to the cozy atmosphere, especially during good weather, around the recently reopened Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp. On the upper floors, 2 apartments have been arranged, featuring a new shared, southwest-facing rooftop terrace.