Interior renovation, Kasterlee, 2020
Research and design for the reconfiguration of the eating and drinking area on the residence domain in Kasterlee.

Hoge Rielen is a place in continuous transformation across a superposition of landscapes: the educational, the military and the natural landscape (masterplan Studio Associato Bernardo Secchi Paola Viganò). The eating and drinking area on the domain, positioned strategically, acts as a landmark, a meeting point, a place to recharge, a place for briefing, a play area and a shelter. The industrial kitchen in the old military shed was recently renovated according to the necessary health regulations. Therefore now it finds itself in a stark contrast to the older cafeteria and café lounges that date back to the early 1980s. The current arrangement and the dark design do not exude the possibilities of use and atmosphere wich Hoge Rielen through its work wants to convey to the countless annual visitors. Also, the current set-up is no longer in accordance with the various other activities that are programmed nowadays, such as the cultural festivals: "Winterwarm" and "Zommerbar".
IEA started the research with an analysis of the current historical materials and finishes present at the Hoge Rielen. Circulation schedules and interior layouts are further mapped out in situ in order to work with the various rhythms, pause moments and possible atmospheres. IEA is also investigating the possibilities of adapting the existing authentic elements in order to reuse them in a sustainable way.