Shelter, 2016

Het waarnemen bewoond /The inhabitation of the perceived* / * Once it is observed and one can imagine it, then the circle is round. (In explanation of the meaning of Perceived)
The Kalkland Observer is an apparatus for discovery of the Land van Kalk during one's stay. It sharpens the sight and focuses it on the peculiarities of the area, from the local, the close the minute (via a microscopic lens) to the border-crossing far, the large and the largest of elements (via a wide-angle telephoto lens). The KO1 offers its users a unique spatial experience of the Land van Kalk in between the micro and the macro, the orchid and the horizon, between the limestone and the undulating pastures... The KO1 offers a highly personal intake of the land: one inhabits the perceived. Just like the limestone, the visitor absorbs the regional cosmos completely.