Observationpoint, Hoboken, 2004-2007

Commissioned by the local department of the nature-preservation-organisation Natuurpunt vzw, IEA has designed a new type of hide. A hide that is to be built on the ground of the nature reserve Hobokense Polder on the edge of a swampy pool, on top of a former municipality dumping ground. One of the conditions for the design was to incorporate a level of resistance towards vandalism as well as providing easy access for differently abled. All this complementary to the requirements of 'easy built' and 'minimum costs'.
IEA has proposed a sandbag construction, piled along the concrete path, with several steel reinforcement elements and viewing frames.
The sand from the area is to be used to fill the sandbags, with additive of 'traskalk' (ecological mortar) and seeds. As a result, with time, the wall will harden and transform into a green wall, with hatch and nesting spots for all kinds of birds and insects. The Kijkpunt is a part of a larger master-plan to develop a nature-path for the area accessible for the differently abled.

Photos: Christophe Engels