Competition for the social housing company "Goed Wonen Rupelstreek", Boom, 2020

An existing house, part of a protected heritage quarter in Boom is being thoroughly renovated. The row-house will be transformed into a duplex sunlit studio and a garden studio for residents with a hearing impairment. At the back end of the prolongued plot, a collective nursery garden is introduced, accessible via a back alley wich slithers through the middle of the building block. Through this access, the residents can interact with the local inhabitants and also make way for initiatives to generate social cohesion and cooperation. A couple of spatial principles were elaborated in the design that respond to the specific needs of the future residents: elongated visual axes and vistas for visual contact and spatial recognition. The maximum avoidance of blind spots, the introduction of optimal natural illumination and the creation of clear reference points in every room and passage were a priority. The house is being developed for a group of up to 4 people who live independently. With consideration to its intrinsic historical qualities the existing building will be carefully renovated and an extension in timber frame construction will be realised in the back. Particular attention is paid to the acoustic quality and sensorial experience of the residential building.