House in between gardens , Antwerp, 2019

In 2019 the renovation of the building composed of a former grocerystore, a historical warehouse and a living unit on top started in the heart of Borgerhout.
The building, from the late 19th centrury, ocuppies a central place, with its vitrine facing the lively square, right across from the imposing Saint Corneel church. At the street level, the building accomodates a renewed commercial function, combined with an atelier, while the top floors give room to a duplex (living space)
The facades and the interior finishings are being restored to their historical appearance. New openings create unexpected relations between different internal and external spatial conditions. The interventions make room for interior gardens in the front and back facade while the enlarged central patio is taken over by a papyrus garden and a terace. A sunken pathway is carved between flowers through the green roof of the back house
By placing a new "oculus" structure in de gabled roof a new visual connection is being created between the church tower and the municipal building in Moorkens square, both dating from the same neo-classical period.
The oculus is clad in tailor-made, white-glazed, ceramic tiles forming an extension to the smoothly plastered historical facade. The gardens, wich create the connections between public and private areas, also have the ceramic finishing.