Research on the Infrastructural Needs for the Future Flemish Contemporary Art Museum, Antwerpen, 2017
Project team: IEA, Antea Group, Rebel Group

In 2017, a research assignment is carried out by IEA on behalf of the Flemish Government, to describe the specific infrastructural needs of "TVHK" the future Flemish Contemporary Art Museum in Antwerp. The study starts from a defined policy framework and traces guideline principles for formulating the functional program: the fundamental functions and goals of the new museum.
A further analysis and synthesis focuses on: the research on requirements, the positioning and the cost estimation. For the requirements assessment parameters such as: cultural identity and critical mass, symbolic and iconic potential, attraction and social interaction are taken into consideration.
All potential locations for the construction of the future Art Museum are listed off so that in the end, through site research it comes down to a shortlist of 4 suitable sites wich meet best the future needs and ambitions of the project.
In the design research, a number of scenarios are selected and elaborated for each site. The scenarios examine which surface area and volume can be developed per site in order to ensure the desired functional program and how does the building volume integrates into each specific urban context.
Within the study, the locations are discussed with the stakeholders involved: the city of Antwerp, AG Vespa the city architect of Antwerp and the Flemish Government Architect.
A forecast is made on future critical reflection points: the functional program, the expected complexity, the cost evaluation and the implementation timeline.