Eengezinswoning, Wommelgem

The new construction is a detached villa with an underlying garage and an outdoor swimming pool in a green garden suburb in suburban Wommelgem.
The house is conceived as a sleek beam volume that is divided into two volumes that are then shifted relative to each other. This is done to counter the challenging northern orientation of the terrain and to bring as much sunlight as possible into the living and sleeping areas. Where the volumes slide apart, a complete glass section is inserted that can function as both transparent and translucent.
The client, originally from the Middle East, expressed a clear desire to design the layout in a very intimate and as opaque as possible manner, for reasons of privacy and shade. With claustra finishes and minimal recessed niches in stone strips, the outer envelope of the building is draped tightly like a closed lattice.
In the rear zone of the house, behind the living and dining area, a large panoramic window unfolds behind a concealing pergola structure with an open frontal view of the garden, the pool, and the pool house.
The house is completely finished in a dipped broken white veneer brick with understated aluminum joinery, for which sliding panels filled with the same stone strips slide. The limited finishing materials and color choices are repeated and harmonized uniformly throughout all spaces.