The project site is located on an elongated rest strip pranked between Broekweg, Nielsestraat and Boom’s railroad tracks and station.
Along the west side of the block, between the slope of the Broekweg bridge and the implantation of the new housingproject, a continuous green and public round-corridor will be introduced. This new loop and the adjacent dike will be maximally greened and will form an open public zone for local residents and visitors.
The existing building block will be completely enclosed and integrated with the existing buildings on Nielsestraat and Noeveren. The current backside will become a new frontside. Existing cornices and rhythmic patterns already present in the residential area will be incorporated and continued in the new houses. The now existing rounded corner on the station side is repeated at all corners of the block to generate a specific fluid and dynamic visual quality in the station environment and to enable the turning circles for the fire department.
The block will have vistas and secondary slow passageways so that it does not nestle in its surroundings like a closed monolith, but a controlled perceptibility can take place. These secondary passages organize the access to the common bicycle storage, the green collective space in the center, the entrance to apartments on level +2, the connection with the green strip dike and the inner area. At special moments these green zones can be made free to organize temporary initiatives and collective open space for the neighborhood community.