Art school , Hasselt, 2022 - 2024
Design team: IEA and BOT architektuurcollectief in colaboration with Studio Basta

The Provincial Kunsthumaniora Hasselt offers secondary education in visual and performing arts. Because of the exponential growth of the school, there was a great need for a new building for the first grade with its own classrooms, workshops, restaurant, multipurpose hall, sports hall and administration. This new building connects to the existing campus and forms an individual biotope for this age group. From the "arts campus" master plan, a clear and compact building is conceived with a specific location that immediately focuses on a maximum open-play-space which is further made permeable and greened, as well as creates exciting relationships with the adjacent Demer river and Kapermolenpark.
The pedagogical vision of the school is translated into a design without directing corridors and with the possibilities of "plug and play" for theory and practice rooms. The steel column and beam structures provide clear modular adaptability and encourages a flexible and fluid learning environment. All classrooms and practice rooms are organized on the facades of the building creating a central open space that can be organiserd as flexible open studios. Theory and practice classrooms are deliberately placed on the same level. This is to strengthen the interaction between the different subjects, teachers and students.