Basisschool & turnzaal, Antwerpen

IEA i.c.w. PLUSoffice

The implantation concept of the Mobius-block fits the required volume in the existing urban fabric (as it connects both street facades as well as the volumes in the inner area) and creates a new (semi-) public space where the social bond between school and community, school and parents etc. can develop. Trees are in this design the conceptual / substantial and spatial / green guide line towards creating a school that is both self-conscious and present in a green story, green education etc. The onsite presence of some majestic iconic trees led to the development of a strong spatial perception of trees within the design . Thus the school incorporated tree classrooms, stem patios, a green promenade and facade layering. Through a flexible systems and reticular-type plan distributing classes around cluster areas, traditional corridors of the school disappear and in its place open space classes emerge that allow for multiple educational activities, but also ensure an free and surprising experience of the school. This specific device, from interior to terraces, strengthens the osmosis between interior and exterior, both visually and spatially (see- through traversing natural light, patio greenery, screens, ...) and enhances the relationships street -school, class- world, study - playground.