Middelbare school, Antwerpen

IEA i.c.w. PLUSoffice

The need for more and new specialized class rooms, for such subjects as engineering, science, fashion and expression was taken as an opportunity to make a thorough study of the spatial organization of the existing school. The newly built classrooms would not be in a separate building, apart from the rest, but will be connected to the main building. The "practice building" that houses the specialized classrooms is detached from the main building and positioned at the street side. This 'split' allows the preservation of the garden area as a construction free area where greenery, trees, tranquility and open space are emphasized in connection with the gardens of neighbors. In the design proposal this garden area is seen as 'reception area' , where both students and visitors are welcomed, among the trees. The connection of this building to the main school building is realized through a 'green walkway'. The walkway is more than just a necessary passage that connects two buildings. It is a novel type of space referring to traditional typologies such as foot bridges, pergolas, canopies, passages: a landscape structure that provides both functional and aesthetic qualities, great openness and thus evokes an interior atmosphere in the open air.

Photos: tvdv photography