Reed house & Antwerp sewers, Antwerp, 2005-2006.

After the 'reclamation' of the historical underground city sewers (molting), dating from the Middle Ages and slowly expanding over the centuries, the rehabilitation work of the Flemish water treatment company Aquafin created the potential to open up this unique and unknown piece of Antwerp to the public . IEA was appointed creator for overall concept of the tourist attraction, as well as designer in charge of all necessary modifications, both underground and above ground, for the new access point (in a former restaurant on the Suikerrui) and exit (the Stadsmagazijn in the Keistraat). IEA created a scenographic experience 1.6 km long, sailing and wading through, walking and exploring the magnificent sewer system, with the all but necessary dose of unexpected. For the inhabitants of Antwerp this enables a new sort of encounter with their city, their water and environmental issues, their history.

Photos: Christophe Engels