Ontwerp luifels voor de ‘slimme schakels’, Antwerpen

IEA ism Architectuurplatform Terwecoren Verdickt

With the canopies for 'Smart Switches,' the City of Antwerp aims to create approximately 130 transfer points where a diverse range of transportation options is available to travelers. These include regional and local tram, bus, metro, and train hubs that can be interconnected and combined with various bike and ride-sharing systems.  

The design request aims for recognizable, accessible, and legible canopies. However, the apparent simplicity of a canopy turns out to be a kaleidoscopic product, an octopus with links to infrastructure, urban planning, architecture, mobility, structure, modular construction, sustainability, circularity, water management, green structures, energy, accessibility, signage, identity, and so much more. 

The prominent location, centrally situated in the public domain of Antwerp, demands a design that unequivocally incorporates these aspects and serves as an exemplar of the transitional thinking inherent in the above-mentioned domains, which is unfolding in various European cities.