IEA collaborated with Antea Group on a master plan and master plan trajectory for the realization of a complex collection of various programs. This plan is a refinement of an existing Spatial Implementation Plan (RUP) for Sports Landscape that was created by Antea in 2010.

During the design process, various stakeholders on the ground were taken into consideration: from young football players to bats, from the groundwater network to residents of a trailer park, from the railway line manager to nature conservation groups, from farmers to recreational tourists. The equal treatment of all these stakeholders plays a significant role in creating a caring environment as a space for exchange and dialogue.

Through an extensive participatory process, we were able to arrive at a single agreed-upon scenario.

For this purpose, several workshops and co-creation moments were organized. 

IEA and Antea were not only responsible for the analysis and design research but also acted as project directors in the process that extended from project formulation, through master planning, to the final design. Afterward, two construction projects within this landscape were realized.