Passiefwoning & muziekstudio, Leuven

A U-shaped concrete wall outlines, on the ground floor, the living room, kitchen and a hortus conclusus through which one enters from the street. Within the massive thickness of this wall (100 cm) the entrance, the vertical circulation and the kitchen are incorporated.
Omwille van de passiefnorm werd er in de plint maar 1 raam voorzien langs de noordkant ter hoogte van de keuken. Hierdoor is er nog wel enige sociale interactie.
On top of this plinth two wooden volumes (one with a pitched roof and one with a flat roof) are placed in harmony with the geometry and scale of the surrounding context. They accommodate the bedrooms, dressing room, bathroom and an office / guest room. A terrace on top of the flat roof is accessed via a spiral staircase between the two volumes. The basement houses the technical areas, music and recording studio.