Residence & studio, Antwerp, 2008-2012.

The project deals with a typically Flemish urban condition of the densely built-up inner block.
Rather than take a big bite out of the centre of the volume, IEA developed a strategy to selectively cut out several smaller volumes in different places, each with their own orientations. Finally 35% of the existing volume was removed to allow more light and air back in the interior of the built mass. This created new 'deep' views / urban vistas for the neighbours, three ground-bound patios, each developed with its own thematic (water / reflection, organic green / shade, artwork) and two spacious higher level terraces (fully fledged exterior rooms).
In addition to the prerequisite volume reduction and the necessary program, a new type of urban residential and dwelling spaces were developed with surprising habitat qualities, extraordinary visual relationships, pleasant natural 'sun' light and all this with a focus on living privacy. These benefits are enjoyed simultaneously by the new occupants of the town-house as well as the residents of the neighbouring buildings.