Stedenbouwkundig onderzoek, Welcome To The Promised Land, 2001

Perfor area model, Tidal Urbanism III, Carte General d’urbanisme sensuel

Sheets No. 1 and No. 2 together form the first result of an urban research project, Welcome To The Promised Land, which centers on spatial arrangement deriving from non -fixed zoning. WTTPL is part of a series of projects around tidal urbanism: flowing/ fluid planning.
From the bewilderment of the improbable spatial situation of Israel / Palestine, resulting from a conflict situation, this approach was first applied on a political scale.
The question that can be asked is how to (re) design a large-scale space in a non-fixed, fluid manner, taking into account the historically established land distribution based on political, cultural and religious differences between communities.
In a first analysis, the current fragmented land distribution (map with holes) was not seen as a negative and problematic spatial organization, but as a perforated area model with qualities and potential.
The association of this map with different examples of perforation may create some new, unexpected and non-rational schemes for the design of complex and polarized areas. For example, the overlap of the map with a fashion model exchanges the existing 'aggressive', destructive, riddled and maimed image of the country for a seductive, sexy, sensual and provocative picture that reveals the present potentials. The map with holes becomes a veiled piece of lingerie that on the one hand offers the model support and on the other partially uncovers the underlying beauty.
From the overlapping and interweaving of multiple perforation models (of q biological, political, architectural, scenic, religious, ...nature) a totally new model may arise that can handle the current spatial and social complexity