Caravan park, Mortsel, 2019
Projectteam IEA + Antea Group

Ziggy is an urban reshaping project of an existing trailer park in Mortsel, a place where Roma families and other nomadic communities have settled. The city asked for the reconfiguration and qualitative design of the green landscape, the layout of the plots and the adjoining hard and soft infrastructure. The idea is to re-arrange the privately rented caravan parcels around a collective area. A permanent individual sanitary and laundry amenity is integrated on each plot. A community center is being set up in the middle, so that the residents can use it together or individually as a space for contemplation.
Anticipating the evolution of the site over time, the project offers a range of possibilities rather than a finished and rigid master plan. This flexibility allows users to make their own decisions. Various accessibility options are also possible for each plot. They can remain open and permeable or enclosed with a gate.
Although it was not initially part of the assignment, IEA, took the initiative to organize several workshops with the community aiming to work very closely with the future residents and the city clerks. These co-design moments ensured a great interaction between the various groups and led to decisions regarding the private and collective use of the future landscape to be taken over substantially.